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Dragon Kilns

Both Dragon Kilns Ltd and TCK are family owned operations offering the benefits of instant solutions and decisions. This is good for everyone.
A decision to offer kilns outside China has led to the expansion of the Shenzhen plant to 30,000m2 and further employees. The new office facility will house a Kiln design team unrivalled around the world.
The size of the plant will allow Kilns to be completed in house prior to packing and shipment which ensures a fast and disruption free installation.
In many cases the same UK and Chinese engineers responsible for building the Kilns in Shenzhen will then follow the kilns to repeat the process on site “at locations throughout the world”.
Dragon Kilns operate from an office in Stoke-on-Trent, the heart of the UK ceramic industry and it is from here that technical solutions to meet customer requirements are developed in association with engineering and ceramic graduates in China. With a desire to export worldwide we are committed to an immediate response to all technical and commercial issues associated to the supply of ceramic plant and its ancillaries.
Our company in the UK focuses upon offers and budget proposals for kilns and ceramic plant together with feasibility reports for future study and implementation. We also supply the experienced installation and commissioning engineers who are located around the world.
Manufacturing facility in Shenzhen.

Technical Solutions

Throughout the company our Technical and Engineering personnel are focused upon giving the very best technical solutions at an affordable price.
Our versatile and committed technical sales personnel are available from an initial concept of all kiln and ceramic plant projects to offer advice and solutions from their many years of capital equipment experience.
From the initial concepts to the final solutions a team of 20 mechanical design engineers are available for offers and layouts, if all eventualities are covered at an early stage then the final solutions and installations can go much more smoothly.
Layout drawings are all supplied on Autocad so that they can be inserted into existing or new plant layouts. In this format kilns, plant and equipment can be shown in many different positions until the ideal location is decided upon.
A team of dedicated mechanical design and study engineers will provide offers, tenders and layouts. All alternatives are considered to ensure the final solutions and project installations are completed within budget, to design requirements and on time.

Production Facilities

Previously difficult to ensure in the ceramic industry, all kilns, plant and ancillary equipment are where possible fully built and tested in or excellent manufacturing facilities before shipping, this allows much faster and trouble free on-site installation.

The Delivery

Our flexible approach to manufacturing and the commitment of our engineering workforce allows us to offer improved delivery promises when compared to those of our competitors. The delivery requirement of our customers is important and we are flexible in meeting their expectations.
Our mission is to get things right first time and to reduce the cost of installation and commissioning. “Right first time” ensures on time and harmonious project completion with the possibility of ingoing partnerships and future collaboration becoming so much easier.
It is always difficult to guarantee total satisfaction with all aspects of kiln and ceramic plant installation, but we believe that early collaboration between the customer, their requirements and our engineering solutions will make this possible with dragon Kilns.