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Tunnel Kilns

High Temperature Tunnel Kiln High Temperature Tunnel Kiln for Alumina products.
Design, research and development

Tunnel Kilns are the best solution when large volumes of product need to be fired in consistent conditions. They offer excellent temperature conformity and fuel consumption's sometimes 50% lower than with Shuttle Kilns.

Dragon and TCK manufacture tunnel kilns for all products and have recently installed a number of Sanitaryware tunnel kilns in Asia and Europe. 3.5 meters wide and up to 120m long.

Another effective tunnel kiln range have been supplied for firing Glost Porcelain where temperatures of 1400 with automatic reduction control are achieved giving excellent product results in 6 hours cold to cold.

Grinding Wheel Tunnel Kiln
All Tunnel Kilns are manufactured completely in our facilities before being split down into modules for shipping. This ensures a rapid and problem free installation.

Dragon and TCK produce tunnel kilns for large volume production of Tableware, Pottery, Sanitaryware, Refractories and Technical Ceramics.

Regardless of the product to be fired, dragon and TCK offer a complete range of tunnel kilns designed to suit specific requirements. Temperatures from 300o C to 1700o C and sizes from 25m long to 125m long.

Design features and operational benefits are incorporated where appropriate or as a dedicated customer requirement:-

Sanitaryware Tunnel Kiln Sanitaryware Tunnel Kiln
Consistent, high volume production units
High levels of control giving top quality products
Low energy usage offering lower cost production
Computer controlled to make operation simple and reliable
Low maintenance and minimal downtime
Storage and handling systems designed to suit plant operation
Flexibility when required for product variations
Reduced internal air movement for a better firing environment
Modular construction for assembly prior to shipment
Space saving concepts including multiple level installations
Automated Robotic or Manual car movement to suit plant situation
Natural gas, LPG, Oil, Electric or Kerosene systems all available

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