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Roller Kilns

Roller kilns have been used far more widely for pottery and tableware in China than elsewhere in the world. This has led to design features especially suited to such products rather than modified tile kilns, Roller kilns are commonly used to fire small, medium and high volumes of Pottery, Sanitaryware, Tableware and Technical Ceramics.

The associated handling systems and setting furniture are ideally suited to fast production cycles and rapid flow processes.

The design of roller kilns means that the fuel consumption's are the lowest possible and flexible control systems allow many different products to be handled quickly and as part of an integrated flow through a factory.

Tableware Roller Kiln Tableware
Roller Kiln
Roof Tile Roller Kiln Roof Tile
Roller Kiln
Fast Fire Reduction Roller Kiln Fast Fire Reduction Roller Kiln
1400oC cycle in 6 hours

Design features and operational benefits are incorporated where appropriate or as a dedicated customer requirement:-

Lowest possible fuel consumption's
Computer controlled firing curves
Storage and handling systems designated to suit plant operation
Computer controlled cycle times
Automated product handling and easy loading and unloading
Modular construction for pre assembly and fast installation
Low maintenance due to lack of kiln cars
Reliable, helical gear roller drive systems
Available as muffle or open flame kilns
Natural gas, LPG or electric roller kilns are available

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