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Company Profile

Dragon Kilns operate from an office in Stoke-on-Trent, the heart of the UK ceramic industry and it is from here that technical solutions to meet customer requirements are developed in association with engineering and ceramic graduates in China. With a desire to export worldwide we are committed to an immediate response to all technical and commercial issues associated to the supply of ceramic plant and its ancillaries.
Our company in the UK focuses upon offers and budget proposals for kilns and ceramic plant together with feasibility reports for future study and implementation. We also supply the experienced installation and commissioning engineers who are located around the world.
The first five years have already shown a massive rise in the number and value of successful Kiln projects. The association between Dragon Kilns and TCK highlights the desire to move into exciting new markets outside mainland China and has heralded the completion of a massive expansion plan in Shenzhen. Between us we have successfully supplied kilns to the following well known companies, Chengteh, CUMI, DSF, Foseco, General Ceramics (UAE), IFGL, Kutatya Porcelain, Lobnya (Russia), Roca, Royal Porcelain (Thailand), Unimark, Vesuvius, Villeroy & Boch, Wade Ceramics (UK).
The future promises to be busy for us all. We invite you to be part of it. Our success will be your success.
“Success in partnership”

Reference List

5 Tunnel Kilns
2 Roller Kilns
4 Shuttle Kilns
4 Ovens
4 Dryers
Czech Republic
2 Automated Inspection Lines
1 Oven
1 Tunnel Kiln
2 Shuttle Kilns
2 Curing Ovens
4 Ovens
2 Automated Inspection Lines
1 Tunnel Kiln
1 Tunnel Kiln
8 Roller Kilns
1 Shuttle Kiln
5 Tunnel Kilns
2 Shuttle Kilns
1 Shuttle Kiln
1 Curing Oven
1 Roller Kiln