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Two Layer Tunnel Kiln and Dryer Two Layer Tunnel Kiln and Dryer

Tunnel Kilns

Tunnel Kilns are the best solution when large volumes of product need to be fired in consistent conditions. They offer excellent temperature conformity and fuel consumption's sometimes 50% lower than with Shuttle Kilns...
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Shuttle Kiln Shuttle Kiln

Shuttle Kilns

Where smaller volumes or maximum flexibility are required then shuttle kilns are often the best solution. Suitable for Potter, Tableware, Sanitaryware, Refractories, Technical Ceramics, Laboratory and Test Firings...
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Tableware Roller Kiln Tableware Roller Kiln

Roller Kilns

Roller kilns have been used far more widely for pottery and tableware in China than elsewhere in the world. This has led to design features especially suited to such products...
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Specialist Kiln Specialist Kiln

Kilns for Technical Applications

We specialise in special, one off designs to fire a range of products requiring special or unusual firing conditions. We supply a range of thermal oxidisers and afterburners to clean noxious kiln emissions...
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