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Kiln Solutions

In a world where it is becoming more difficult to stay competitive, Dragon Kilns and TCK offer equipment solutions which allow you to stay at the forefront of production and technology at a much lower price.
Projects which have not been possible to justify suddenly meet payback criteria allowing companies to invest and stay ahead of the game.
Focusing on Kiln technology of the highest quality standards and latest firing technologies Dragon Kilns offer the combination of experience and production capability to ensure excellent kilns and equipment but at a lower price and with delivery schedules that are difficult to match.
The established team of Dragon Kilns and TCK will allow all ceramic manufacturers to benefit from solutions previously only available in mainland China.
Tunnel Kilns, Roller Kilns, Shuttle Kilns and Mesh Belt Kilns are designed to meet individual customer requirements but the prices are always lower than you would expect.
“High Quality and Technical Expertise at a lower cost”
The market and our business statement
Our portfolio has grown to include most sectors of the ceramic industry but initial successes have been with Tableware, Sanitaryware, Giftware,Technical Ceramics and Refractories. Existing contracts and customers who were known to be requiring equipment were used to create a reliable and trustworthy reputation.
Different countries are expanding in different ceramic fields and an initial analysis of this in conjunction with the kiln manufacturers has successfully directed our efforts. We travel worldwide to react to market demands.
Dragon Kilns provide well made, technically advanced, kilns and equipment, to the ceramic manufacturers of the world. They source the kilns from China and TCK in order to offer the best value for money. Other equipment comes from either China or other manufactures worldwide that offer good quality equipment at the right price. There will always be a need for ceramic products and there may be economic reasons for a kiln or other manufacturing equipment to be manufactured within a particular country where products are produced and sold. We appreciate this possible requirement and are receptive to it. Payment for kilns, machinery and other equipment forms a large part of manufacturing costs and the prices of course will have a major influence on the viability of ceramic manufacturers.
Dragon Kilns will supply technically excellent equipment at affordable and competitive prices for their customer’s benefits. The experience of Dragon Kilns Personnel will ensure that the customer gets what he needs, when they need it.